What does it mean?

So Anita’s Gatos has a new blog now!

You may be wondering what does “Anita’s Gatos” mean and why I picked that name for my little shop.

Well, since I am originally from Mexico I wanted to play with Spanish a little bit and use it in my store. My husband helped me come up with the name and since he calls me Anita we decided to name my shop “Anita’s Gatos”, which means “Little Ana’s Cats”. Although cats are not my #1 favorite animals (frogs are), they were one of my first polymer clay creations, and my first thought was that all my little figures were going to be cats or cat-like; but later on I decided to expand and sculpt different things as well.

I have an Etsy shop where you can see and purchase my little creatures: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AnitasGatos

Feel free to push the “contact” button for custom requests or questions/comments or email me at anitasgatos@gmail.com



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