Today’s Inspiration

Hi everyone!

Today I woke up with the feeling that I was lacking inspiration, has that ever happened to you? It felt… wrong? I shared my weird little feeling with my husband and got some advice from him <3 I read a super cute book (“So good for little bunnies” by Brandi Milne), doodled a little and wandered through the internet for a while looking at different types of art.

What I needed was to challenge myself a little bit, or at least get out of my comfort zone and experiment something new. So I did :) I spent the next 3-4 hours sculpting and painting a little bear eating a cup cake, take a look:

bear1 bear2 bear3 bear4


It was so much fun from beginning to end! I named her Emily. She’s wearing a cute floral dress and a pink bow… and her mouth is full of cup cake ^_^

She won’t be up on the shop, I really want to keep this one for myself to keep me company while I sculpt other figurines that WILL be on the shop… or maybe she’ll be on my end table; I will figure that out later ;)

Speaking of inspiration, I am going to start experimenting with paper clay, I have some ideas for some cool new stuff… but more on that later!

Thanks for reading,

-Ana :)


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