Monday New


I am very excited about this week’s new items! I decided to make a new pair of earrings, a new “brooch or magnet” gato and two completely new Gatos! Take a look:

Purple Gato Earrings!
Purple Gato Earrings!
Apple Gato!
Apple Gato!
Strawberry Gato :3
Strawberry Gato :3

Blue Gato Brooch or Magnet :)

It was so much fun coming up with different ideas for these two new gatos, I brainstormed for a little while and then started experimenting different shapes until I was happy :) Also, I already have some exciting ideas for next week! Lets see if I can finally get around making a new version of the owl ;)

From now on, I will be using our Instagram page (@anitasgatosx) to announce new items every Monday as well as exclusive promotions and giveaways :)

Thanks for reading,

-Ana :)


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