Long time no see

Hello everybody!

It’s been such a long, long time since my last post. Let’s say I was taking a break from blogging to focus on building my own website/ brand new blog, which I thought it was going well until I pretty much lost everything I had done! What a shame, I know, but maybe it  just wasn’t my time. Anyway, I’m back here so thanks for baring with me :)

Here are some highlights of what I’ve been doing lately:

Oh, Deer

This deer is one of the newest additions to the shop, I will make some variations of him for Christmas.

Little Oso

Little Oso here was featured in Etsy’s newsletter about two weeks ago… also, he finally found a new home :)

Easter Gato

We have an Easter Gato and an Easter Bunny available for a limited period of time, grab yours before the end of April :)

BIG Strawberry Gato

This BIG Strawberry Gato was a custom order for someone in Australia, I am considering having it as a permanent addition but I’m still not sure.


Instagram is going well, I had a giveaway going on not too long ago and I was surprised with the number of entries we had… feel free to follow us! :) @anitasgatosx

Tiny teacup

And finally, I want to profess my love for this tiny, and very rare teacup that my husband got me in our favorite tea house, Teaberry’s, in Flemington New Jersey… and yes, I do drink tea out of it!

That’s about it… for now! I am planning on coming back with more posts during the week starting with “Monday New” :)

Thanks for reading,



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