Tea, tea, and more tea

Hello, happy Saturday!

Since I have no major “Anita’s Gatos” updates {e.g. no behind the scenes or “today’s inspiration”} due to the little break I’m forcefully taking, I thought it would be fun to share some of my interests with you guys… So today I will talk about tea, if you are a tea lover or an aspiring tea addict or if you’re just curious about it, you might find this post interesting :)

tea time!

I’ve always liked tea, but it was only when I got married that I started drinking it more and learning about it… because my husband already was in love with it. I grew up drinking bag tea, not really caring too much about it and only drinking it if I had a headache or stomachache or any kind of ache. When I met my husband he got me into “real” tea. Now I only drink loose tea and from selected places (Capital Teas, Teaberry’s, Harney & Sons and The Republic of Tea).  My favorite teas are the Oolongs, which have a very slight milky taste; if you had a long, heavy day and you just want to relax, this is your to-drink tea. Capital teas has a really good Milk Oolong and Harney & Sons has a reasonably long list of amazing Oolongs such Da Hong Pao, Pomegranate Oolong and Li Shan {this last one is more on the expensive side but definitely worth trying}.

Favorite teacup

Other great teas that I love are Pu-erh {from Capital or Harney}, her royal highness {from Teaberry’s} and Mexican mango chili mate {from Capital teas}.

Another important thing about tea is storage. Direct sunlight may affect its flavor and consistency, that’s why my husband and I opted for these wooden containers… even if the sun is out and shinning our tea is safe and delicious!

Tea storage

It’s important to stay well hydrated when drinking tea. Herbal teas can lower your blood pressure and some black teas usually have a low pH, meaning that they can be acidic. In my case, because I am petite and suffer from low blood pressure, if I drink tea I have to then compensate by drinking a lot of water, otherwise I get strong heart palpitations and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. Not. Fun.

I’m not a super nerd when it comes to teas, luckily my husband knows a lot more so if you’re curious we’d love to hear your questions! Also, feel free to recommend me some more teas! I’m always open to try new stuff :)

Thanks for reading,



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