Monday New

Has it really been a week already?! I hope everyone had a great one! :)

This week I have some cool new creatures. I’m excited to present a Red Panda, a Baby Tapir, and of course the “Mariposa Necklace No. 2”. Check them out:

Mariposa Necklace No. 2

This Mariposa Necklace is the second of my butterfly necklaces collection. Remember that each one is one of a kind, which means there is only one available per design!

Baby Tapir

Baby Tapir here is looking for a new home :)

Red Panda

Did you all know Red Pandas are also called Fire foxes or Fire cats??? I didn’t… until I researched about them while painting this one :)

If you want one of these guys or a butterfly hanging off your neck go check out my Etsy shop! I have a little sale going on until the last day of April. How else could I celebrate my birthday other than with a sale? Yay!

That’s it for today folks. I’m hoping I’ll be able to come back with more posts before my birthday [Friday!]- since I will be taking the day off. Exciting!

Thanks for reading :)



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