Behind the scenes


There is no weekly favorites this week and as you may already have noticed, there wasn’t a Monday New either… Well, turns out that I was ready for some changes on the shop. I changed the design for my Gatos and already posted them on Etsy. I will be posting some more special Gatos on Monday *fingers crossed* as well as a new owl and a frog. A frog?! Yay!

I know that my shop’s name is “Little Ana’s Cats” but my all time favorite animals are frogs! Yep. In fact, everyone in my family kept asking me why I hadn’t made one already and the answer is because I couldn’t really think of a design that would actually please me. And now I did! And I’m beyond excited to share it with you guys on Monday :)

The change in the Gato design was needed. Lately I kept feeling that it needed something and so Mat and I sat down and sketched some ideas until we came up with the one face that made me happy :)

I leave you guys with a picture where you can see some of the things that will be on the shop on Monday ;)

***My apologies for the extra messy desk!

behind the scenes


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