Monday New


Happy Monday everyone :) Today’s Monday New consists of new brooches/magnets, cats, pugs…….. See it for yourselves:

Black Gato

New Gatos now up on the shop! I will only show the black one here but if you want to see more colors click here. I just kept thinking that it was time for a little change, you know? :)

Galaxy Gato Brooch/Magnet

Galaxy Gato

I really wanted to make some galaxy -theme figurines so I made these two guys. One brooch or magnet and one figurine. I’m thinking about making some more galaxy animals very soon. Hopefully :)

Pizza Gato Brooch/Magnet

…And what’s a galaxy cat without a pizza cat?! I just had to make this one haha

Pug Brooch/Magnet Pug Earrings

I realized I don’t have anything dog-related on the shop so I decided to start with pugs! People seem to love them, and so do I :) Pug earrings and pug brooch/magnet.

New Owl

Did I mention that I really wanted to update the owl’s design as well? Mat helped me with this one. I really love the way it came out and am planning on making it in different colors :)

Blue Frog

Remember the last post where I said frogs are my favorites? Well, here it is! Finally after months of trying I’m happy with this design :) Next frog will be a tomato frog and I will dedicate a full post to that one… stick around to find out why ;)

Long Monday New, I know… but I really was in a creative mood this week. I’ve been reading more so that probably made my imagination run a bit more than usual.

Have a happy week!



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