My tomato frog

Tomato and poison dart frogs

On my last post I said I would dedicate a whole post to talk a little bit about my new tomato frog figurine. Why? Because frogs are my favorite animal and also because I used to own a tomato frog.

in the making

His name was Grande (big). I got him as an early birthday present two years ago when I was still in Texas. I’ve always loved animals but I have to admit that I wasn’t that great with pets, don’t know why. When I got Grande he changed the game. Also, I was older and more responsible.

He was such a weird frog. Loved crickets and worms. The worms were a little gross and hard to handle. I had to keep them in the fridge so that they wouldn’t die and they lasted weeks. The crickets were ok, they had to be eaten within 1-2 days or they would start dying. I liked the worms better.

I would take Grande for walks at the park after work almost every day if the weather was nice. I know that’s a little weird haha but it was so much fun! I would release him and let him hop around for a while.

in the making

On a winter day (Texas winter day) I took him outside to clean his little home super quick. He went to the shade and got really cold so he almost died. I gave him CPR and took good care of my poor cold frog and he survived just fine. But months after that he got an infection that no vet could tell me what it was (because most vets don’t see tomato frogs every single day, you know) and he passed away not too long after that.

At the time I was still dating Mat over the distance. I was devastated and felt very lonely, Grande was one of my only friends. Mat and I talked on the phone and he flew to my city just for one day to give me a hug and make me feel better. The positive out of all this was that I got to see Mat :)

2014-05-09 06.11.19

I guess the reason why I hadn’t made a tomato frog figurine was because in a way I still have to get over Grande. I’m happy I finally made the little froggie, though. I like the way it came out :) The tomato frog is now on the shop along the blue poison dart frog.

Little friends

I wish I had better pictures of Grande saved but I only have this really bad one and he’s full of dirt (because tomato frogs love to burry themselves all the time).




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