Green wood cemetery

Yesterday Mat and I went on an adventure to the Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn and it was awesome!

From a hill

It’s such a peaceful place and much bigger than I thought it would be. When I was still in Mexico, my two uncles and I used to go to cemeteries and look at the dates on the graves. I find it extremely interesting to see how old the graves are. I’m not a freak or anything, don’t get me wrong, it comes from my love of antique stuff. I hadn’t visited a cemetery since I came to New York so Mat surprised me with that little adventure.


The thing I liked the most, besides the whole place, was visiting one of my favorite painters of all time grave, Jean Michel Basquiat. One of the two uncles mentioned above was the one that got me into art when I was little and he introduced me to Basquiat. It was weird to see the grave full of little treasures that people leave there, it becomes like… I don’t know, personal? So I went ahead and left one of my gatos.

Basquiat's grave

The cemetery also has catacombs! We were walking next to a small hill and we saw some weird looking “graves” on top of it, we checked it out and all we saw was darkness but when we went around we discovered the entrance to the place and realized they were catacombs. Now THAT was a little freaky!

Catacombs from above

Catacomb's entrance

Some other things that I found interesting were:

1. That they have a little trolley that takes you around the cemetery and shows you the places where important people are


2. That each little path has its own name. (Don’t really know why I like that)



I’m so happy we went. The weather was surprisingly beautiful. If you ever visit New York and want to take a long walk and see some trees, lakes and graves, you HAVE to visit the Green Wood Cemetery :)




2 thoughts on “Green wood cemetery

  1. Lovely post and not freaky at all!! I grew up on a farm that bordered on the town cemetry. It’s still one of my favourite places to visit when I travel home. Lots of interesting lives and histories. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Mary! :) That sounds like something fun to do! I look forward to going back home and visit some of the old cemeteries I used to visit with my uncles like the old times :)

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