Time and change

Every time I make something new I keep the original for myself, that way when someone orders it on my shop I have the figure to look at and duplicate it correctly. The other day Mat and I were looking at everything I’ve made and I was… impressed? Looking at the VERY first gato I’ve ever made and comparing it to the new version was a little shocking.

First Gato I ever made

The first gatos I made were smaller and their faces were a little weird and inconsistent.

Two of my first gatos

Then I changed them and perfected them. They were WAY more consistent.


Now with the new version and the new face I am being extremely, but really, extremely careful with the designs. I’ve noticed that now my little guys are pretty much 100% identical to each other and that makes me very happy :)

Newest version

The gatos weren’t the only ones that changed, though. Other designs have changed as well and I am always trying to perfect them so that my customers enjoy them, leave happy and maybe come back and recommend my shop :)

Newest purple gato

I’ve also changed the packaging. At the very beginning my little guys would leave to a new home inside little felt draw- string pouches that I used to make. Then they would leave in better looking and more professionally made draw string pouches filled with protective foam. Now each totem leaves in a little pouch without the foam and inside a little box.

New packaging

The reason why I have made most of these changes is because I really want my customers to receive a very special creation. I get so happy and excited every time my customers tell me how happy they are with their purchases. That inspires me so much to keep doing what I do and become better at it.

** Fun fact: For some reason, the first gatos of every new design are always purple. I don’t know why!




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