Some miniatures

So we went on another tea adventure to our favorite tea house, yup, teaberrys! And guys, I’m extremely happy because we went antique shopping afterwards and I found a little treasure that I wanted to buy for the longest time: a mini spoon!

Mini utensils

Some time ago Mat got me a mini fork, which I use to eat cheesecake and other stuff, and you guys remember the mini teacup he got me at teaberrys a couple of months ago, right? Which of course I still use to drink tea. So now that I have my mini spoon I can eat ice cream with it!Call me a weirdo, it’s ok. Haha.

Miniature collection

What I love the most about these three mini things is that they look like a normal size item that shrank into miniatures, don’t you think? I still don’t know what other miniature thing I want, maybe a plate? another teacup? Who knows, if you have any suggestions let me know ;)



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