Latest Snapshots

So lately I’ve been working on your orders and my arms feel like they’re going to fall off… but it’s ok because I love what I do :)

Turtle/ Limited edition Packaging Orders Cake topers Twins! Wedding custom order

The Pink and Grey Gato from one of the pictures above are going to be cake topers for someone’s wedding! I feel so honored that my creations are part of such an important day!

And the couple of Yetis from the last picture is going to be a wedding present for someone in the Netherlands. Mrs. Yeti is wearing flowers and a veil! You guys come up with the coolest ideas when it comes to personalizing a gift <3 I love it!



2 thoughts on “Latest Snapshots

  1. Totally loving the pink & grey gatos, Ana! They look so divine. How wonderful to think a part of you is part of someone’s happiest of days. Well done, and congrats on your recent wedding anniversary too!

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