So, we went to Mexico last week and it was so much fun! I was born and raised in Juarez, Mexico and a big part of my family still lives there. I got to see my parents, siblings and uncles after not having seen them for a year. There were lots of smiles and tears of happiness :) We started planning the trip since March, we knew my little sister’s high school graduation was coming up at the end of June and we wanted to surprise her and my little brother, they were in shock when they saw us!


I got to show Mat some of the spots I used to visit when I lived there and we also visited some of our favorite restaurants and bubble tea in El Paso, TX since it’s right on the border with Juarez.

At the park

We kept the tradition of playing “Loteria” almost every night with my family, a Mexican game that is pretty much like Bingo but instead of numbers you have random objects such as an umbrella, a hat, a bottle, a shrimp…

Loteria Loteria

It was rough saying “bye”, but hopefully we’ll get to see them all again soon :)

Dinner with most of my family

Random facts:

-You CAN drink the water in Mexico. If your stomach bothers you a little doesn’t mean the water’s bad, it means that the water from there and the water you usually drink have different bacteria and your stomach’s trying to adapt to it.

-The traffic to cross the border from Juarez to El Paso, TX is like New York traffic, VERY unpredictable. You can either wait 5 minutes or 3 hours or not wait at all. Not cool.


-I used to commute from Juarez to El Paso every single day to go college (UTEP). It was rough. My sister will do the same starting this fall.

-Juarez went from being one of the best cities ever to being one of the most violent cities ever. Now it’s neither, but I still don’t recommend visiting if you don’t know anybody there. People that live there know where to go and where not to go.


-Mexican bread is perfection.

-Real Mexican tacos rule. UPDATE– After reading this post, Mat told me this statement isn’t true. Our tacos are even better. He’s right.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions if you’re curious about the city. I posted/will be posting some of these pictures on Instagram so follow along! :)



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