Monday Blues?

Today I woke up with the blues, I guess… so Mat took me on a hike at High Rock in Staten Island :) It was awesome!

It was our second time hiking there and we saw so many cute little creatures {all sorts of birds, a ton of chipmunks, squirrels, insects and frogs!}

High rock


Mat's Tattooed yeti

Frog friend

Frog buddies

My tomato frog


Macro lichen

Mat took the little tattooed Yeti {Charlie} that I made for him some time ago and I took my tomato frog for some pictures :)

On another note, the shop will open this Wednesday and I couldn’t be more excited! I have some cool new stuff to show you guys :) Also, thanks so much to all of you that bought something on the adoption auction! Will be sending out your totems within the next couple of days ;)



One thought on “Monday Blues?

  1. Los lunes a veces son complicados :) Debe ser genial tener tan cerca de casa unos paisajes así…

    ¡Ah! Me he enamorado del yeti y su estampado, ahora no se si quiero mi zorrito con estampado espacial o igual que el yeti, ¡qué indecisión!

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