We’re back!

Hello friends!

Shop is finally open! I missed my little shop! Thank you so much to all of you who were patient and supportive while I was gone working on new stuff and coming up with lots of ideas! You guys rock!! As a thank you to all of you, you can enjoy free shipping on purchases of $50.00 or more with coupon code FREESHIP

Also, the first 3 orders will get a surprise scratch-off ticket that contains a super cool discount! {Hint: 1 has 30%, 1 has 50%, and the third has 1 free gato value of $18!!!} The scratch-off tickets will be placed at random, meaning that I do not know which one is which! {You can take a look at them HERE}

If you were wondering what projects I’ve been working on, here they are!

Ice Cream Gato

Ice Cream Gato. Only 3 available!


This Sweet Marshmallow is another limited edition on the shop. Only 3!


Cute little panda is yet another limited edition. Only 3!

Troll and Minotaur

Troll and Misunderstood Minotaur are two new special additions! There will be more trolls and minotaurs available in the future :)

Yarn Gato

Yarn Gato for yarn lovers!! I will have different colors available soon, but I also take custom orders ;)

Lil' Hombres & Lil' Mujeres

This is a very special addition to my shop: Lil’ Hombres & Lil’ Mujeres. They are based on people and fashion in “catrina” style with indented eyes, nose and mouth. Expect more of these!

Halloween Gatos

And last but not least, my Halloween Gatos! They will be available on the shop only for a short period of time {until the first week of November}. You can purchase them separately: Gatula, FrankenGato, Mummy Gato, Zombie Gato. Or! If you purchase THIS LISTING, you get the 4 of them for the price of 3! :)

Another change I made was the packaging, your little guys will now come in cute little boxes- different than the ones I used to put them in- with a little Anita’s Gatos sticker on top :)

I am still taking custom orders or customization of existing items, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have gift ideas for yourself or a special one <3

Thanks again for being such awesome customers!



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