Are you an artist? or a blogger? do you own an Etsy shop? Then you might want to read this post! :)

If you have been following my blog since it started, then you know I interviewed a couple of artists: Ma’at Silk & POPJewelryStudio. One of my objectives for this blog was to interview people once or twice a month to make it a little bit more fun for the reader and present some cool stuff different from Anita’s Gatos.

It seemed like this objective was going good but then I felt like it was getting a little harder for me to find people that wanted to be interviewed, especially because I didn’t have an Instagram account, or Facebook or twitter where I could ask people or even meet other artists. Now I feel like this has changed, yay! I’ve met and found so many cool people and things on social media and I would love to show you by interviewing them!

So, if you fall into one of these categories DO e-mail me! 

-Artist of ANY kind {Painter, sculptor, jewelry maker, photographer, dancer, actor/actress, singer, writer………}


-Etsy shop owner

-Fashion enthusiast

-If you own a collection of some sort {Insects, Anita’s Gatos figurines!….}

-If you have something to announce {This category is inspired by people that I’ve met on Instagram that are hosting adoption auctions and are in need of donations, so if you’re faced with a similar situation, I would love to have you on my blog:) }

*I’m sure I will keep coming up with ideas for categories so keep checking this post for updates :)

Next steps:

-E-mail me!

-I will pick one person each month {or two depending on how many people are interested}

-I will try to make the interviews relevant to my interests and what I love and admire.

Do contact me if you have any questions! :)




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