American Museum of Natural History

If you know me you know I love museums. Art museums, history museums, even those random museums you find in really small towns! So, visiting museums while we’re still in New York is a must!

Mat took me to the American Museum of Natural History about a month ago {Yes people, I’m the worst for posting about it a month later!}.

It was so-much-fun! I love Dinosaur stuff so most of the pictures I took are from the Dino areas. Enjoy!

Museum1 museum2 museum3 museum4 museum5 museum6 museum7 museum8 museum9 museum10 museum11

Oh, hey look! A narwhal!

museum12 museum13 museum14




What I love about New York museums is that the majority of them charge donations instead of regular ticket prices! If you have been to/ or live in New York and you’ve visited museums other than the most known ones, feel free to recommend some!



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