Shop update

Hello and happy Monday! :)

As I prepare for the holiday madness I am also preparing for a holiday pop-up shop in California called “Voici” and I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity! That affects my deadlines so here are some VERY important dates for those of you who are planning on placing orders:


1.- Last day to place Christmas orders:

International- November 7th

Domestic: December 8th


2.-Last day to place a custom order {Non-Christmas}:

November 17th, international and domestic.


3.-Last day to pre-order ornaments with 20%off:

November 2nd, international and domestic.


*Please note that if  you place an order on November 7th and do not live in the US, I cannot guarantee Christmas delivery. If you do not want to risk it, I offer Priority shipping through USPS which takes 6-10 days instead of 4-8 weeks. Please do contact me before placing an order for a quote on priority shipping.

**If you want a custom ornament or figurine by Christmas, please refer to #1.

*** If you want a custom figurine and you do not need it for Christmas please refer to #2. Custom orders will return next year!

Anita’s Gatos will go on vacation some time in January {more on that later} so I encourage you to place your orders and custom orders while you can :) I still don’t have specific vacation dates.

These are the ornaments that you can pre-order:


Pre-order here

Please contact me if you have any questions!



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