Shop Voici

Voici & Anita's Gatos

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Amanda and Leslie, the girls behind a new holiday pop-up shop called Voici asking me if I wanted to be a vendor! It is such a great and exciting opportunity for Anita’s Gatos!

Voici will be open for the whole month of December in Anaheim, California in an exclusive handmade retail space called Community SoCal {which also houses other shops such as Paul Frank’s new shop Park La Fun!}.

As I announced on Instagram yesterday, I won’t be there in person, but they will feature selected figurines and ornaments as well as exclusive necklaces from my shop! How cool is that?!

Exclusive necklaces- Voici

I’ve been working so hard on orders as well as ALL the items that will head over to Cali for Voici!



There will be multiple different vendors, for sneak peaks visit Voici’s Instagram page HERE :)

Behind the scenes

If you live or are in Cali during the month of December, go visit Voici for some cool holiday shopping!



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