Shop Small

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a great and super fun thanksgiving day! <3

I’m here to announce that I have free shipping on my website and Etsy shop! No coupon code needed! It runs until December 2nd, and my shop goes on vacation on December 3rd {I still don’t have a return date, but I’ll keep you posted!}

This offer is only valid for orders within the US. As you all know, I’m not taking any international orders at the moment {they will come back in 2015!} The reason for this is because we are moving to Texas the second week of January and I won’t be able to handle any business related stuff for a little while. This includes answering your questions about international shipping. But have no  fear! I have a really cool project coming up in January for those of you who want to make a purchase, international or not! Stick around for details later! ;)

Thank you all so, so much for all your support and understanding!



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