Happy holidays!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had an awesome time on Christmas eve/ Christmas day! I had a great time with Mat and his side of the family, we ate lots of desserts and candy and broke a piñata! {which we also made from scratch 2 weeks ago!}

Now we’re focusing on packing for our big move on January 12th and enjoying New York as much as we can as well as spending time with family before we leave.


I’m so excited about what the new year will bring, although I know things will change especially regarding Anita’s Gatos, I know it will be for the better! The last couple of months before I put my shop on vacation mode were rough on my hands {very rough} and I still have to figure out how everything will flow regarding custom orders and stuff like that, but you will be seeing a lot of unique, one of a kind mini pieces of art. I will write a post about all that {also explaining my hands’ situation} in the new year :)

For now, I have a lot of instant photo sorting to do! :D

Have yourselves a happy new year! I love you all for all your support and love! And thank you so much for being so patient and sticking around even when my shop is on vacation mode! You guys are seriously the best <3



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