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Hello friends!

I hope you all had a great and super fun thanksgiving day! <3

I’m here to announce that I have free shipping on my website and Etsy shop! No coupon code needed! It runs until December 2nd, and my shop goes on vacation on December 3rd {I still don’t have a return date, but I’ll keep you posted!}

This offer is only valid for orders within the US. As you all know, I’m not taking any international orders at the moment {they will come back in 2015!} The reason for this is because we are moving to Texas the second week of January and I won’t be able to handle any business related stuff for a little while. This includes answering your questions about international shipping. But have no  fear! I have a really cool project coming up in January for those of you who want to make a purchase, international or not! Stick around for details later! ;)

Thank you all so, so much for all your support and understanding!



Shop Voici

Voici & Anita's Gatos

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Amanda and Leslie, the girls behind a new holiday pop-up shop called Voici asking me if I wanted to be a vendor! It is such a great and exciting opportunity for Anita’s Gatos!

Voici will be open for the whole month of December in Anaheim, California in an exclusive handmade retail space called Community SoCal {which also houses other shops such as Paul Frank’s new shop Park La Fun!}.

As I announced on Instagram yesterday, I won’t be there in person, but they will feature selected figurines and ornaments as well as exclusive necklaces from my shop! How cool is that?!

Exclusive necklaces- Voici

I’ve been working so hard on orders as well as ALL the items that will head over to Cali for Voici!



There will be multiple different vendors, for sneak peaks visit Voici’s Instagram page HERE :)

Behind the scenes

If you live or are in Cali during the month of December, go visit Voici for some cool holiday shopping!



Cup of Gatos

Being an artist is not an easy job at all. To me, being an artist is extremely fun, rewarding, and I consider it the best job I’ve ever had, but it definitely is no easy thing.

There is no other way of saying this: lately I’ve been feeling a little artistically undervalued. I’ve received comments saying that my work is too expensive. I know that a lot of my followers/fans are very young, therefore they don’t have a job and still depend financially on their parents; so maybe that’s the source of those type of comments. This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone but I still wanted to address this situation and point out a couple of things:

* There are a lot of expenses to consider when owning a business: materials, fees {Etsy or PayPal}, shipping supplies, gas {for baking}, trips to the post office, etc. All those things come into play when it’s time to price a product + the time, effort, love spent on each and every single piece of work.

*My creations are meant to be considered little treasures. They are made for that purpose, they’re cute little pieces of art that you can either carry with you in their protective box or bag or decorate a room, desk, workplace. My slogan says it all “Experience art in the cutest way”.

*You get what you pay. I am constantly looking for ways to give my customers a better and better experience every time they get something from my shop. I love my customers and I’m willing to go above and beyond to make them happy.

*It’s rude to make such comments. I don’t take offense but it’s still not cool. We should never judge artists.

*Maybe sometimes it’s hard to remember that what I do IS art because my pieces are generally very small? But it is still art, you guys :)

Gatos on a plate

I LOVE what I do and I don’t do it for the money but to make people happy and share the abilities that God has given me.

Remember that if you can’t really afford anything I always have sales going on and I do giveaways on Instagram all the time :)

I can’t thank you all enough for following me on any type of social media and for your support! You all have a piece of my heart <3