American Museum of Natural History

If you know me you know I love museums. Art museums, history museums, even those random museums you find in really small towns! So, visiting museums while we’re still in New York is a must!

Mat took me to the American Museum of Natural History about a month ago {Yes people, I’m the worst for posting about it a month later!}.

It was so-much-fun! I love Dinosaur stuff so most of the pictures I took are from the Dino areas. Enjoy!

Museum1 museum2 museum3 museum4 museum5 museum6 museum7 museum8 museum9 museum10 museum11

Oh, hey look! A narwhal!

museum12 museum13 museum14




What I love about New York museums is that the majority of them charge donations instead of regular ticket prices! If you have been to/ or live in New York and you’ve visited museums other than the most known ones, feel free to recommend some!





Are you an artist? or a blogger? do you own an Etsy shop? Then you might want to read this post! :)

If you have been following my blog since it started, then you know I interviewed a couple of artists: Ma’at Silk & POPJewelryStudio. One of my objectives for this blog was to interview people once or twice a month to make it a little bit more fun for the reader and present some cool stuff different from Anita’s Gatos.

It seemed like this objective was going good but then I felt like it was getting a little harder for me to find people that wanted to be interviewed, especially because I didn’t have an Instagram account, or Facebook or twitter where I could ask people or even meet other artists. Now I feel like this has changed, yay! I’ve met and found so many cool people and things on social media and I would love to show you by interviewing them!

So, if you fall into one of these categories DO e-mail me! 

-Artist of ANY kind {Painter, sculptor, jewelry maker, photographer, dancer, actor/actress, singer, writer………}


-Etsy shop owner

-Fashion enthusiast

-If you own a collection of some sort {Insects, Anita’s Gatos figurines!….}

-If you have something to announce {This category is inspired by people that I’ve met on Instagram that are hosting adoption auctions and are in need of donations, so if you’re faced with a similar situation, I would love to have you on my blog:) }

*I’m sure I will keep coming up with ideas for categories so keep checking this post for updates :)

Next steps:

-E-mail me!

-I will pick one person each month {or two depending on how many people are interested}

-I will try to make the interviews relevant to my interests and what I love and admire.

Do contact me if you have any questions! :)



Adventure, Williamsburg edition

I’ve been so busy with orders lately {thank you!} that I hadn’t  been able to go on an adventure, and I was itching for one! We took a little break from art yesterday to go take some pictures in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and found some cool street art and neat buildings.

Live, Work, Create. Manhattan view

I’m working on some new stuff for the shop in between orders so keep an eye open for another post ;)