Weekly Favorites

Happy Friday! I hope you guys had a great week :)

This was a very productive and exciting week for me, I came up with a new “Mariposa Necklace” [which I still have to paint!] that will be on the shop on Monday along with some other new animal miniatures :)

But for now, I want to share with you guys my favorite items of the week, take a look:

Weekly favorites

1. I love, love, love journals and this pack of two seems like a perfect addition to my collection!

2. Floral teacups?! Aren’t they the cutest things?

3. This set of undies is calling for summer! I just love the color combination :)

4. You can never go wrong with colorful stud earrings!

5. Are you a sewing machine lover? Thread lover? Vintage things lover? Then this spool necklace might be the perfect thing to wear! :)

And of course, some of my favorite treasuries! One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Also, Anita’s Gatos had the honor of being featured on Mr. Printables Blog! Check out the blog post here.

Have a great weekend everyone… and a happy easter :) Great times to celebrate forgiveness and freedom.

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Weekly Favorites


I hope everyone had an awesome week! Mine was good, I started sculpting again two days ago (FINALLY!), and my hand is almost completely healed. That said, I will be posting a “Monday New” next Monday. Yay!

Not being able to sculpt for a week gave me some time to find really cool stuff on Etsy. So here are my favorite items for the week :)


1. I just think this tattoo cat tea towel would look perfect in our kitchen!

2. This colorful banner would be perfect for the living room ;)

3. I really think this llama painting would look adorable on my desk <3

4. Why am I so in love with coin purses? This one is so pretty!

5. Tribal leggings? I’m in love!

Also, Anita’s Gatos was featured in so many cool treasuries this week. Check out some of my favorites: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And take a look at this front page treasury that features my Wisdom Owl! :)

Thanks for reading, I hope everyone has a great weekend :)


Weekly Favorites

Hi! I thought it would be fun if I share with you some of my favorite Etsy items for this week :) Etsy Favorites

1. This awesome purse! Isn’t it so cute?

2. French Bulldog necklace???? YES, please! :)

3. Darling deer necklace, I just love it!

4. This beautiful mother’s day card <3!

5. Beautiful coin purse, I’ve wanted it for the longest time!

Maybe I’ll make some of these items a birthday present for myself next month :D

Also, Anita’s Gatos was featured in so many great treasuries this week! Here are just some of my favorites: one, two, three, four, five.

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